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3 Hottest Trends For Print Media in 2017

If you are looking to upgrade your marketing material for the new year, there are 3 hot trends that you need to be aware of. Jumping on-board any one of these trends will help distance you from your competition. InkdSpot is here to help you create the perfect marketing piece, to help take your business to the next level.


Trend # 1: Foil

If you received any holiday cards from your family and friends, you probably could not help but notice many of them included foil in the printing process. Foil is an excellent way to make a visual impact and will make your marketing pieces pop. However, most business owners do not realize that foils come in nearly all colors; not just the standard gold, silver, and copper. Some of the best uses for foil highlights occurs with either 1 or 2 colored logos. Many logos feature a 1 color image with a secondary color text. In this instance, using foil to make the image pop will make your marketing more memorable. Other examples can include using foil to only highlight a logo or draw interest to a special feature. There are endless ways to incorporate foil into your marketing pieces.


Trend #2: Texture

Paper weights and textures have also become a great way to increase the awareness of your customers to your product or service. If you have ever attended a networking event or any other business setting where business cards are distributed you will understand this point. Most cards are printed on 14pt or 16pt stock, and most are either matte or glossy. However, you may come across a card that is 32pt or possibly silk or velvet textured. In addition, embossing, de-bossing, laser die cutting, and newly developed raised spot UV can all add unique texture features to make your card stand out. This is particularly important for businesses who wish to demonstrate they provide a superior product or experience. For the several business owners who I have created and printed business cards, postcards, or greeting cards that fit in this category, their feedback from their customers was more than worth the expense. These upgrades are particularly of interest to any business owner who sells a high ticket product or service, and may be competing with other business for bids or customers. An impressive $0.50 business card will definitely send the proper message when competing against your competitions standard $0.10 card.




Trend # 3: Spot UV

Spot UV is the ability to apply high gloss UV coating to only specific areas of a print to make them stand out. The practice of using Spot UV is often over looked and poorly executed; however, when executed properly, Spot UV can give your marketing material added spark without breaking the bank. In our experience Spot UV is best utilized when colors, or specifically dark colors are used. The majority of the product should be either matte, or silk laminated and the Spot UV then acts as if another color or shade of that color. You can see below where the Spot UV is applied on the black matte business card the name and design appear even though the entire card is black. Spot UV has an endless array of uses and can provide the high-end look most marketers look for without significantly increasing the cost of production.

If you are interested in any of these product upgrades or services, InkdSpot is here to help. Just email us and we will be in touch. [email protected]