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Free Note Cards to Benefit Childhood Cancer Research

The time is upon us for the 5th Annual Team Quinnstrong Golf Tournament. As you may or may not know, my niece Quinn, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in October 2012. She went through many rounds of chemo and stays in the hospital with VOD which put her in the PICU. Due to the treatments, Quinn experienced low bone density causing a severe break in her femur as well as permanent hearing loss. Neuroblastoma is a rare pediatric cancer with around 700 children diagnosed per year and no new treatments have been developed in over 20 years. The funds raised at this tournament are donated to CureSearch which provides funding for research, clinical trials and education for parents with children going through cancer. The funds raised by Team Quinnstrong are earmarked for research and trials conducted at Omaha Children’s Hospital to support children like Quinn in their fight against cancer. Visit for more information on this non-profit organization


Me and Quinn ~ 2015 Tournament

Now what does all of this have to do with FREE Note Cards? Well, this year I would like to help this tournament raise a little more money, but I know most people donate to several charities close to their own heart, so instead of asking for donations I will donate for everybody who shows their support for ending childhood cancers with these FREE note cards.


 For every set of cards I give away, I will donate $1. In addition if over 500 people take me up on these cards I will donate an additional $250, and if over $1000 an additional $500.

To get in on this charitable offer visit:

The goal for the tournament this year is $9000. This offer is only good until July 15th so please act now to help me donate to the tournament so they reach their goal!
Act now and I will send you 24 premium quality, 5.5 x 4″ note cards with envelopes, printed on thick 110lb smooth cover. The gold support ribbon for childhood cancer has been subtly faded into the background of the cards to allow you to write your message on the entire card. These cards are perfect for sending a quick thank you, saying “Hi” to a friend, or can be fantastic correspondence cards for your business. Vista Print and Tiny Print would charge you $30-40 alone for just 20 cards, plus they charge another $9.99 for delivery! So get yours today and just help me cover shipping and handling.
To take advantage of this offer please visit:
And lastly, if I could ask one more quick favor… if you like this idea, please click on the share icons just below and to the right to spread the word and help children battle!