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HWA Comp Card Design and Ordering Instructions

Hello Photographers,

HWA is changing up the process to order comp cards. As a preferred photographer, to whom we refer to our talent, we will now be asking for your assistance in creating a comp card for all talent you photograph. Below you will find the link to a zipped folder containing a Photoshop Template, as well as guidelines for the comp card creation and ordering instructions for print.

Please download the template files here. Template Files

Comp Card Design Instructions:

Front: The overall dimensions for the front of the card are 5.7×8.7.” The main headshot selected will need to be cropped to 5.7×8.7″ at a resolution of 300dpi. We prefer the front image to be a headshot or 3/4 image that represents our talent in a commercial aspect. Photos that are more artistic or high end fashion style, including full length shots can be used on the back of the card. Simply drop the image in the lowest level of the layered template file, and add the full name of the talent in all caps. The required font files are included in the zip folder. Please only scale the font if the talent’s name does not fit the allotted space.

Back: The back of the card includes the talent’s name, sizes, and 3 photos. The sizes required will depend on whether the talent is male or female, and if they are an adult or a child. Sizing info should follow the formats below:

Male Adult: Height, Shirt Size (neck/sleeve), Pant Size (waist/inseam), Suit Jacket, Shoe, Hair Color, Eye Color

*men’s sizes have a separate type layer on the comp card. This layer is turned off by default

Female Adult: Height, Size, Shoe, Hair Color, Eye Color

Child: Date of Birth (DOB), Size, Shoe, Hair Color, Eye Color

There are 3 photos on the back. These photos need to be cropped to 4.43×2.92″ @ 300dpi.  Please be aware all sides of the card will be cut by 0.1″ so please allow room on the left, bottom, and right sides. These images can highlight the talent in numerous ways, from athletic wear, full length, or more personality. Please reference the examples below.

Once the card is complete, please flatten all layers and save as a PDF. You will have separate files for the front and back that you will upload to order.

To Order Cards:  Previously talent ordered and paid for comp cards through the agency. In an effort to streamline the process, we would like for you to now place the order. Comp Card printing cost $25 so please add his to your fee. Below you will find the order button. You will be redirected to upload the files after payment is complete. Do not worry about delivery, I will take the cards to the agency.  If you have any trouble or questions, please contact Chad Pitschka directly at [email protected]

Thank You!